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What is FSP Client?

FSP Client is FTP-like interface for File Service Protocol. It look exactly like classic FTP does, but uses different transfer protocol. People usually find this program easier to use that multiple client programs in FSP protocol suite. If you are at least somewhat familiar with command line FTP and want to try FSP, this program is right for you.

Latest version

FSP Client 0.93.0 - released 15-Sep-2009. Now works on 64-bit machines and cross compiles.

Win32 version 2005.03 - released 2005-03-03. Important bugfixes merged to Windows version.

FSPClient News

15-Sep-2009: FSP client 0.93.0 released. Now works on 64-bit systems and crosscompiles, max packet size synchronized with latest fspd build, debug packet headers are now printex in hex. Can be downloaded also via FSP fsp://

Historic version 0.0-h+ uploaded to sourceforge.

10-Sep-2009: Mantis bug tracker installed. It is much better than bug tracker provided by default. I wanted trac but sf.net support is unwilling to install trac-bzr plugin.

21-Jul-2009: FSP Client 0.92.1. SCons build framework improved. CFLAGS are now honored.

15-Jun-2009: FSP Client 0.92.0 is out. Fixed retry alg. on fatal network errors, builds with SCons only, and fixed compilation problem with incorrect header.

10-Jun-2009: We now use standard sourceforge.net Bazaar hosting facility. Its much faster then our custome setup and it have more features including nice repository browser.

10-Apr-2007: Gnu arch repository converted to Bazaar-NG repository. Gnu arch VCS is now unmaintained and Bazaar-NG is doing merges much better and it is slightly faster.

New FSP server running fspd on port 21.

FSP Client 0.90.0 - released 25-Feb-2005. Directory bug fixed, security improvements, debug output fixed.

FSP Client 0.0.10 - released 05-Jan-2005. Support for large FSP packets, so it can have higher transfer speeds now (command buffer). Locking improved again and locking type is now build-time configurable. Corrected directory listing when server sends packets smaller than 1024 bytes. Win32 version is also available.

FSP client 0.0.9 - released 20-Dec-2004. First fully stable version. Shared memory was incorrectly detected by configure, changed locking to be fully compatible with fsp 2.8.1 beta 22, send BYE command to server on exit, setpro and rename commands updated to match latest specification of FSP v2. Upload timestamping now supported.

OMG! Win32 binaries are there! Grab FSP Win32 2004.10 pack now!

FSP Client 0.0.8 - released 29-Nov-2004. Support for new Rename command, codebase cleanup.

FSP Client 0.0.7 - released 21-Jul-2004. Now works on FreeBSD system (and possible other non glibc systems) also. You need to get CVS version if you want gcc-3.4 compile fix.

FSP Client 0.0.6 - released 17-Dec-2003. New dir command, misc. fixes.

FSP Client 0.0.5 - released 31-Oct-2003. More segfaults fixed.

Contact Email

hsn /at/ sendmail BIGDOT cz. Better to join fspclient-users mailing list.